Adding supporting links to prove partners, funding, and/or customers 

To show your company’s long-term viability and potential, you should submit proof of your partner affiliations and funding—either from investors, accelerators, or paying customers. Here are the links you can submit to show this: 

  • Database profile with funding data (Pitchbook, Crunchbase, etc.) 

  • Published customer case study 

  • Information demonstrating involvement in an accelerator program 

  • Press release discussing customer volumes 

  • Data on app download volumes 


Add these links in Founders Hub to apply for Level 4.  

  • Log in to Founders Hub and go to the Home page. 

  • Under the See all tasks heading, you’ll see the Level criterion “Tell us about your funding, strategic partnerships, or customers.” Click the button to add more information.  

  • Select your funding stage. 

  • If you are working with Microsoft partners, select which one. 

  • Fill in any other partners that you are affiliated with. 

  • Enter supporting links that verify these partnerships, funding, or customer acquisition. See the list above for acceptable links. 

  • Click “Submit.” 

Our team will review these links to verify the information. Please do not send any links to private documents such as bank statements. We will not be able to consider these.