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I previously activated the M365 Business Standard Benefit. Am I still eligible for Business Premium?

Log into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and redeem this within the Benefits section here:

Can our M365 benefit be extended past the 1 free year?

No, M365 is only valid for one year from the date you activate the benefit. Each Founders Hub benefit has its own terms and conditions. Moving up levels provides additional time to activate benefits but does not change the offer.

M365 Overview

Where do I log into M365?


How do I contact M365 Support?


What are the details of the M365 benefit?


How can I use M365 Copilot?

M365 Activation

How can I add my domain in M365?


How do I transfer M365 benefits to a new tenant or account?


I activated one M365 license. How do I activate the rest?


How can I activate my M365 benefits?


"Refresh the page and try again. Something went wrong. We could not complete this order." M365 error message


"It is already added to a different .onmicrosoft account." M365 activation error


What are the details of the M365 benefit?


How do I cancel my paid M365 subscription?


Why am I getting billed for M365 after I activate the benefit?