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What are the eligibility criteria to apply for Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub?



How do I apply?



We were in the BizSpark program. Can we apply to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub?



If our application gets declined, can we reapply and how soon? 



I have an EA or CSP account. Can I still apply?



I have an MCA account. Can I still apply?



What if my Startup is not incorporated yet, and self-funded? Can I still apply?



How can I apply for investment from M12?



My application was declined and I'd like to better understand why.  



I’m a consultancy or small business. Can I apply for this program?



What if we are a non-profit? Can we apply?



It has been more than 7 business days since I submitted my application for Founders Hub. When can I expect to hear back?



Why do I need to have a LinkedIn account to apply?



I can't access my LinkedIn account, but I want to apply.



How to choose your development stage?