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How can I apply for Azure OpenAI Service access?
  1. We encourage you to use your business email address while applying to be considered.  Applications submitted with personal email addresses are prone to decline (Example:,, etc.).     
  2. Fill out separate applications for each use case you might have for your product.   
  3. Follow the instructions in theform and enter your sponsorship subscription GUID. 


Which Azure support option is right for my question?
  • To see cost and billing details, log into the Sponsorship Portal
  • For error messages, quota requests, billing questions, and urgent issues please go to
  • For advice on how to build, migrate, or optimize, contact our Azure Advisory team by logging into Founders Hub --> Develop --> "Pair with an Azure Engineer"
  • To ask your own questions and see answers to preexisting questions please visit the Microsoft Q&A Forum
  • To build your skills and gain experience with different Azure tools and resources, please visit Azure Learn for Startups

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