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What can I do in the Founders Hub portal?

The Founders Hub portal is where to access and understand your current program benefits. Additionally, keeping your company profile up to date is how to let us know you are ready for additonal benefits and time in program. You can log in here.

How can I add a team member?

To add a team member:

  1. The admin can log into the Founders Hub portal.
  2. Select Settings>Team members>Invite a team member.
  3. Enter the new member's email address. The new member must have a LinkedIn account to join.
  4. Select Send invitation.
  5. The new member will receive an invitation email. They can select the link to login into the Founder’s Hub portal.
  6. The new member should log in using their LinkedIn email address.

Update Profile

How can I update my information?


How do I log into Founders Hub?


How do I export data from my Founders Hub profile?


How do I update the contact email for program communications?


Where can I get help with errors udpating my Founders Hub profile?


How do I delete data from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub?

Changing Team Members

How do I remove someone from our Founders Hub account?


Do my colleagues need LinkedIn profiles to be added to our Founders Hub account?


Our Founders Hub account administrator has left the organization. How can I change the owner?


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