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What can I do in the Founders Hub portal?

The Founders Hub portal is where to access and understand your current program benefits. Additionally, keeping your company profile up to date is how to let us know you are ready for additional benefits and time in program. You can log in at

How can I file a support request via Founders Hub?

To get in touch with support:

  1. Log into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub at
  2. Click on the ‘?’ icon in the top, right corner of the screen. 
  3. Review the common FAQs.
  4.  If you still need help, click 'Submit a Support Ticket,' attaching documents or screenshot of errors as needed.       

Update Profile

How can I update my information?


How do I log into Founders Hub?


How do I export data from my Founders Hub profile?


How do I update the contact email for program communications?


How can I get help with errors updating my Founders Hub profile?


How do I delete data from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub?

Changing Team Members

How do I add a team member?


How do I remove someone from our Founders Hub account?


Do my colleagues need LinkedIn profiles to be added to our Founders Hub account?


Our Founders Hub account administrator has left the organization. How can I change the owner?


How can I reassign the administrator role to another teammate?


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